New Voltage game on Gree???


New Voltage game on Gree???

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There are probably more gross faces made/stages. Alternatively, it could go from 1 > 5 in an instant, depending on the cd. (The latest Inma one did that for me…WRY SO CUTE)

I relate to this on a spiritual level.



There are probably more gross faces made/stages. Alternatively, it could go from 1 > 5 in an instant, depending on the cd. (The latest Inma one did that for me…WRY SO CUTE)


I relate to this on a spiritual level.

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Special Review - Koichi’s Point of View



Spoiler free above the cut.

  • Koichi’s view of the world is so utterly warped—and if you had a hard time understanding that before, seeing it through his eyes might help enlighten you. It’s not just his views on marriage that are “different,” it’s his entire worldview that is so horribly skewed. 
  • As usual, the pacing isn’t the best—some parts feel a little rushed, especially since his main route is the longest (of the PoVs that have been released) and yet his point of view for it is crammed into 6 chapters. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing.
  • I recommend this to people who are Koichi fans already, or who want to try to understand him better. If you really don’t like this character, you probably won’t like this route.

Imagine being raised as the only child in a household where your father openly cheats on your mother. At first you feel angry and betrayed because you’re forced to idly watch one of the people you love the most suffering at the hands of one of the people that is supposed to love them the most. What’s worse is that no one ever talks about it, it’s the elephant in the room that no one will acknowledge.

Eventually you bottle up those feelings because after years, you have come to accept that this is normal. Marriage is just a social contract of convenience. It’s a partnership for mutual benefit, but it doesn’t have anything to do with love. After all, you’ve never seen a marriage with love in it because the only one you have been exposed to is your parents’ marriage.

"She must have been raised in a caring environment." This is one of the first things Koichi comments on when he meets MC and subsequently decides to marry her. It’s almost spoken like a monotone observation, and yet it’s the fundamental basis for the misunderstandings between them.

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I’ll admit I couldn’t stand Koichi when I first started playing this game, but after reading your review on his sub story, I think I’ll give Koichi’s POV a chance. 


Anonymous asked: What would you do if you woke up one morning to a baby crying? What if that baby was left on your door step? What would you do with the crying baby girl?



"Lysander, just put Rosalya on the damn phone, I can’t talk to her and you at the same time—No I don’t—I’m damn sure its not mine. It just won’t stop— Just put Rosalya on the phone." 
Castiel was exhausted as he paced in his living room in a pair of sweats and a black v shirt that he true on when he was woken up two hours before from a knock on the door.  His eyes were blood shot but were wide in panic as they scanned the room for where Demon went before noticing the dog barricaded himself back in Castiel’s room trying to get away from the noise. He was shaking and sweating as he quickly adjusted the cell phone that was in the crook of his neck before placing his hand back under the little bundle of screaming agony that was in his arms.


”Help.” Castiel’s voice was hoarse, from yelling at Demon when the dog had a conniption over the screeching baby that was at Castiel’s front door on top of a duffel bag just a few hours prior.

"Castiel its 2 in the morning and the three of us are at Leigh’s parents house 2 hours away from you." Rosalya spoke softly, it was her defusing tone that she used on him regularly at school. "I don’t know why you think I can help…" Castiel could hear the smirk in Rosalya’s tired voice,"You should have wrapped it Castiel—"

Castiel rolled his eyes so excessively hard his head should have just traveled with them, “I swear to god—” Castiel spat through gritted teeth as the giggle cut him off from the other side.

"I was just teasing. Anyways, are you sure he’s not hungry? Or maybe he needs a change? Check those things but if its not that then he’s probably just missing his mother?—" The last part was cut-off by a faint yawn. "I’m sorry Castiel but there isn’t much we can do from here, Lysander said he will come back and help you sort it out tomorrow."

"What do I feed it?" the desperation was thick in his tired voice, the adrenaline was starting to wear off since the wailing banshee simmered down to a ball of whimpers in Castiel’s arms.
"You said he came with a duffel bag right?"

"mhm." Castiel glanced down to see the baby’s tiny fingers toy with the rope on his necklace as it hiccuped, Probably from all the crying. Thats what you get.

"Well check it, it might be supplies for the baby—" Another yawn cut Rosalya off,  "Good night Castiel."

"Yeah, good night." Castiel took the phone out from underneath his chin before hanging it up and tossing it on the sofa. With a heavy groan Castiel sauntered over to the duffle bag that was on top of the counter, "Ok." he huffed in pure irritation, Castiel gently placed the baby on the counter before snatching up the duffle bag and nearly tore it open as he unzipped it, the grumpiness was settling in Castiel could feel it as he started to pull out the no name bag of diapers and 2 bottles of baby food and a half bottle of what Castiel guessed was milk. "Not a whole hell of a lot in here eh?" Castiel’s brows furrowed, this was a shitty situation for everyone involved, but it bothered him more that the kid got the short end of the stick. Castiel glanced down to the baby who was squirming around, his small little feet could be seen kicking at the blankets he was wrapped up into. "Antsy little ball of irritation, aren’t ya?" Castiel smirked as he grabbed the corner of the blanket and pulled the child away from the edge he was squirming closer to. "Stop moving dummy, " Castiel chuckled as the little kicks became fiercer a smile slowly spreading across his tired face. "I’m gonna call you Inchworm if you don’t stop, yeah?" The squeal that was supposed to be some form of a giggle erupted from the little baby as it continued its kicking. Laughing and with on hand still gripping on the corner of the blanket Castiel continued to rummage through the bag for something that could help with identification. Quickly unzipping a side pocket Castiel reached in and pulled out a little bundle of cloth, opening it up Castiel recoiled back from it with a noise of disgust. If tv taught him anything it was that what he was looking at had something to do with some sort of drugs, I was lucky I didn’t stab myself with any of this shit. Irritated Castiel snatched up the bundle and stuffed it into that night’s empty frozen dinner plastic package and shoved it deep into his garbage bin before turning to the sink to wash his hands. Castiel looked up from the sink where he was now drying his hands just in time to see the baby half off the counter, still mindlessly kick away at the blankets slowly slipping off the counter.

"Nonono—" In a panic Castiel quickly launched himself at the falling baby who rolled off the counter and thankfully landed right into Castiel’s open arms. With his heart going a mile a minute Castiel fell back onto his arse while rearranging the squirmy pile of drool in his arms. "Pff. Inchworm it is." Castiel teased with a faint smirk as he cradled the baby in his arms. Inchworm’s little hand gripped onto Castiel’s thumb as he was trying to fix up the baby’s shirt that got scrunched up in the fall. Castiel snorted, a smile spreading across his face as he and the baby locked eyes for a few moments, "I could get used to this…" He mused before getting back onto his feet for the feeding.

After the fiasco of trying to fed the stubborn rugrat Castiel could still feel the mashed up carrots in his hair. Placing the last pillow to the pillow cage he constructed around the baby who had to be stripped down to its diapers since the clothes it came in was painted ‘mashed carrot orange’. “Stay.” Castiel commanded before getting up and quickly snatching up the duffle bag and sitting back in front to keep an eye on the devil spawn upon its pillowy throne. Digging through the bag Castiel pulled out the package of diapers and held it up so the child could see. “Piss on me and your toast Inchworm.” Inchworm must have understood since the giggling squeal that escaped from the child clearly indicated that some funny shit was going to go down.

"Your a girl? Pff No wonder your so needy and loud and annoying." Was followed by a high pitch baby fit of laughter then eventually mixed with Castiel’s own tired laughter that could be heard all the way in Castiel’s room where Demon still resided; buried deep within Castiel’s bed sheets trying to drown out the irritating noises the little human was making.

This was so cute, had me smiling and giggling the entire time.


Rabbit…where are you!

I feel the same so much so that it’s not even funny.






'Not mentally prepared' that saying is favorite Cock-blocking saying of MCs…poor princes.

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I connect with this character on a truly spiritual level

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So apparently Class Trip Crush has their own manga. I just found out his morning Q A Q I wanted to know what the manga is called so I can read it haha.

It’s called Shugaku Ryoko Naisho no Koi

I picked this scene because it had Yasuto. (cutie pie) He saved the MC his from boob poking brother xD!

Wilfred: Don’t mess with his princess

pixels aren’t supposed to be attractive like this — me with every otome game (via aoba-took-it-up-the-booty)

Agreed, but they are.


A few random screencaps from Ren’s Valentine story. It’s impossible to not love him, he’s adorable and sexy at the same time. Dangerous combination lol